Minty Pink Smoothie

Minty Pink Smoothie

Sunshine Smoothies share their Minty Pink recipes - so you can try making your own at home

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Cooking time:

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Serves: 1

21g raspberries

40g sliced apple (organic)

Sprig of mint

2tbsp Raspberry puree

100ml pear juice (organic)

All of Sunshine Smoothies' recipes make a drink that is more than 150ml. The fruit is picked fresh, then frozen in batches, ready to be made into a cool, refreshing drink - without the addition of ice. They use organic produce whenever possible, and home-grown too, and the juices used come from Moor's Organics in Teynham, near Sittingbourne.

  1. Add the raspberries, sliced apple and a sprig of mint to the blender, along with the pear juice, and blitz

At the beginning of 2017, Sunshine Smoothies will have their new smoothie lollies in a few selected health food shops, along with frozen fruit packs for you to blend at home. Find out more and follow their story at, find them on Facebook or give them a call on 07854 811916.

Photographs: David Merewether
Recipes Type: Special Occasions

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