Chinese 'Seaweed'

kale and hearty

Jo Arnell stresses the importance of eating your greens...

Yes, kale is the seaweed served up in Chinese restaurants. It's perhaps not the healthiest way to serve kale, as it is deep fried, but it's hard to resist and if you use kitchen roll to absorb the cooking oil it's not so oily. All you need is a wok (or deep frying pan), some kale, oil for frying and seasoning. Remove the central rib and shred the washed kale finely (it should resemble the shredded crinkly paper used in packaging). Place a large shallow bowl lined with a few layers of kitchen roll next to the wok/pan of oil.

Heat the oil and deep fry the shredded kale in small batches until it's crispy. Drain on the kitchen paper, then transfer to another bowl and toss with sea salt and brown sugar. Serve as an accompaniment to Chinese food.

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