Our story

Wealden Times magazine was conceived by the magazine's managing director, Julie Simpson, as a fanzine for the Weald - something to remind the thousands of commuters who travel up to London each day why they left the capital to pursue their rural dream.

In November 2002, Julie and her team distributed their first issue of Wealden Times, handing out copies to early morning commuters at railway stations and building relationships with local shops and town centres where the 'priceless' magazine was made available free of charge in wire baskets.

16 years later the magazine has grown from strength to strength. Wealden Times is still priceless and the 70,000 readers of the paper version each month extend well beyond the commuters that Julie originally imagined. As well as being picked up at railway stations, Wealden Times is available at all ten Waitrose stores in the Weald as well as in key outlets in towns and villages around Kent and East Sussex and it has a large and ever-growing number of subscribers - or 'priceless people' - who receive special privileges and discounts. Click here to become priceless and subscribe to Wealden Times.