Benton Brothers

Benton Brothers, Charlie and Adam

Hailing from Maidstone, the dynamic Benton Brothers, Charlie and Adam, are on a quest to bring gardening to the masses.

As twin brothers, do you always agree on how to tackle a gardening project? Adam and I have good ideas and are passionate gardeners, so we always put our heads together to come up with the perfect end results, taking into consideration each other's ideas and opinions to ensure the best outcome for both the garden and the client's needs. We can appreciate each other's style and taste but there is definitly some underlying healthy competition!

How can you ensure you create inspiring outdoor spaces on a limited budget? Firstly, listening is the most important. We take into account budget and style then we do our research, combining our inspiration and our client's ideas with the highest quality products to create a 'maximum impact, limited budget' garden. A beautiful garden doesn't need to cost the world or be hard work either!

What's the most exciting garden project you've ever worked on? Over the years we've tackled many projects, from small transformations to extravagant revamps. Our favourite was last year's ITV 5-part series. We were selected to design, create and complete five themed gardens on a limited budget, showing the nation you really don't need a master's degree in horticulture to produce a stunning garden. It was exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Is there a specific type of project that you're dying to try out? We'd love to create, design and produce our very own roof top to bring the garden to the city. As not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garden, this would allow the community to benefit from the pleasure a garden gives in so many ways. We just love the thought of creating a beautiful sanctuary for entertaining or relaxing in a busy, built up and sometimes ugly environment.

What's next for the Benton Brothers? We want to inspire younger generations to get involved and take an interest in gardening and make people realise it's a really exciting hobby to get into! We want to make gardening cool, and, take our word for it, you really don't need to know the A-Z of bulbs to create your own gorgeous space! Keep your eyes peeled as you will be seeing more of us!