Where would you begin with the redesign of a small garden, with limited space?


Sharon Catt from Kibblewhite Gardens

• Initially it is sensible to make a scale drawing of the area marking anything that may influence the layout.¬†This will include the overall dimensions of the space together with any changes of level and the possible location of a sitting out area.

• Note down the movement of the sun throughout the day and direction of prevailing wind as this will add to the basic information needed to work out a feasible plan.

• Consider the microclimate of your garden, your site could be fairly sheltered if you are surrounded by tall buildings on all sides.¬† On the other hand these could create excessively shady conditions, all of which needs to be considered when selecting your choice of plants.

• Space permitting you may feel inclined to try some specialized or experimental planting which is one of the attractions of a small garden.

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