Take the Plunge

We find the answers to two common swimming pool conundrums...

Take the Plunge

What options are available for clients who don't want to go down the traditional pool route?

Sandstone Design, Crowborough:

A Natural Swimming Pool offers an alternative to a conventional pool. It is a wonderful combination of a swimming pool and a naturally functioning wetland, creating a clean and chemical free environment in which to swim.

The benefits of natural swimming pools are:

Clean, clear water with no chemicals.

Similar build costs to a conventional pool but lower overall running costs.

Low maintenance.

Year round beauty of a water garden (traditional pools can be unsightly, especially in winter).

Pools can be designed to fit any sized garden, but will usually have a depth in the swimming zone of 1.5-2m.

The swimming area is structurally distinct from the wetland, or 'regeneration zone', which is a shallow area containing a permeable substrate where friendly micro-organisms, reeds and nutrient hungry aquatic plants filter the water as it percolates through the bed.

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Take the Plunge

How would you recommend keeping your pool in optimum condition? Does maintenance differ for outdoor and indoor pools?

Mermaid Ltd. at High Banks Nursery, Hawkhurst:

The key to maintaining your pool is little and often. It only takes five minutes to carry out a basic water test and a little more time to empty baskets and clean the filter. Removing the majority of debris from the pool can be taken care of with an automatic cleaner which you can leave in pool when not in use and remove when you wish to swim. Covering the pool when you're not using it is important as not only does it limit the debris which enters the water, but also prevents heat loss and evaporation. The maintenance routine for indoor versus outdoor pools is really the same, although less cleaning is required for an indoor pool. The main concern for pools that are situated inside is the air heating/dehumidification set-up that you have within the building. Above all, the best option for keeping your pool in tip-top condition would be to employ the professionals, leaving you to enjoy it. Mermaid Ltd. offer a range of regular maintenance packages to suit your requirements.

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