Creatures great - and in school
Kent College

School farms are a great way for children to learn about farming and animal husbandry as well as offering the perfect place to de-stress and unwind outside the classroom. We visit Kent College school farm and meet some of their furry and feathered residents

How long have you had a school farm?

The School Farm has been in existence since 1953 so is an established and important part of the school.

What animals do you have?

The Farm has Sussex, Aberdeen Angus cattle as well as a Friesian suckler herd. Then there are the sheep and pigs: a flock of 45 pure bred Texel and cross-bred ewes and our free range sows and a boar. The children adore the piglets. We are home to various poultry, from Buff and Black Orpington chickens, to friendly little bantams and different breeds of ducks. Smaller animals and pets include rabbits and guinea pigs. The equine centrre is home to five ponies and one horse and we offer riding lessons at all levels. We are soon hoping to add five alpacas to our menagerie.

What benefit does it bring to pupils?

Pupils have the opportunity to see all facets of the life cycle of several species of animal to complement what is learnt in the classroom. There is the chance to be involved in animal management and care activities which may prove invaluable in future careers. Almost as importantly, the farm environment provides a place where often the pressures of the academic day can be put to one side.

Which animal do the children like the most?

It varies, but the guinea pigs are always a good starter.

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